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Slap 101 is my bass method dedicated to the traditional slap technique. This book will help you improve your slap technique with the help of efficient exercises and develop your vocabulary, time and sense of groove with a great variety of original grooves covering a wide range of styles.
In order to develop original patterns and complex combinations of thumping and plucking, I used drum rudiments found in funk music and adapted them for the bass.
Each groove is written in open strings tonalities and then, transposed and adapted into a closed strings tonality which will improve your technique and control. Slap 101 will help you build a strong slap technique and vocabulary for groove playing and soloing.

There are more than 460 recorded grooves and exercises and more than 2,000 practicing tracks on the included data DVD. Each groove is recorded has its own drum track at several tempos for a perfect match with the rhythms. These original grooves range from pop, disco, soul, rock, African, shuffle, funk and fusion.

Slap 101 gives you a unique audio reference for bass tones with the complete listing of the gear used for each demo. 11 basses through 3 different DI and 6 high-end mic pre-amps in all sorts of combinations were used for the high quality recording of this book. The gear used for each demo is listed at the end of the book for audio reference.

The book is
bilingual English/French. Spiral bound and excellent quality. Written in standard musical notation with improved TAB for a better understanding of the fingerings to use. 130 pages and a data DVD containing 1.8 GB for over 2,000 audio tracks to play with.
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